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Chewbacca 18inch
Verkoopprijs: € 225,00
Bedrag BTW€ 39,05


Model : Chewbacca
Serie : Star Wars
Fabrikant : Schleich
Schaal/Inch : 18
Artn. : #10539
Gewicht Kg. : 3,450
Uitvoering : Life-Size op houten plaat
Materiaal : PVC, Vinyl, Polystone, Etc…
Limeted : JA; 2857 van 7500
Bijzonderh. : Chewbacca Statue "A New Hope" Lucas Film Archives Collection #2857
Life Size Bust 1:1 Studio Scale Cinemaquette Official Movie Prop Replica
of the original costume mask worn by actor Peter Mayhew in the Star Wars
Original Trilogy.Museum quality mixed media figurine sculpture displays
with Sideshow Collectibles, Master Replicas, Attakus, EFX, Icons, Gentle
Giant Giant and other fine Lucasfilm prop memorabilia. Extremely Rare
limited edition (7500 planned, less than half actually made). This is one of the
very last production models, honoring the release date of the original STAR WARS
1977. A unique must-have for any Star Wars collection! Made from the screen used
prop created by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, designer John Mollo and makeup
supervisor Stuart Freeborn.
Full Size Bust. Authentic lifelike replica made using the original studio maquette
as reference, in the exact same production process, then mounted on a sturdy
custom wooden base accented with brass numbered engraved plaque. Fresh
from work on Stanley Kubrick's 2001, Freeborn made a casting of foam-fill latex
hand-laid real camel and yak hair. The eyes and mouth are an acrylic-based
based material, hand-painted in eight different colors, giving them a startlingly realistic
and lifelike quality, fierce yet belying a gentle nature. Created by George Lucas
in his original script and designed in part using his own Malamute dog Indiana
for inspiration, Chewie the Wookiee became one of the most popular characters
in the Star Wars Trilogy. With his trusty bowcaster and longtime partner Corellian
smuggler Han Solo by his side, the Millennium Falcon co-pilot joins the Rebel Alliance
against the Galactic Empire and helps rescue Princess Leia Organa from the Death Star
and Lord Darth Vader.